Ballet Classes are designed for the student to practice musicality, coordination, proper vocabulary and technique. Ballet gives the student a god foundation for other forms of dance.

Dress Code:
Pink , Black or White Body Suit, Pink Ballet Slippers, Pink, White, or Beige Ballet Tights and skirt (optional). Hair MUST be pulled back into a bun.

Pre-Ballet Age 5-6

Ballet 1 Age 7-8

Ballet 2 Age 9-10

Ballet 3 Age 11-12

Ballet 4 Age 13+

Ballet 5 Age 16+


Fun! Energetic! Exciting! This class will make you want to dance all the way home yet wanting to come back to learn more. A class where students are taught moves and styles of popular choreography and music.

Dress Code:
Black jazz shoes, slippers or sneakers. Bodysuit, tank top, leggings, jazz or yoga pants. Hair Must be Off the Face.

Beg Jazz Age 5-6

Jazz 1 Age 7-8

Jazz 2 Age 9-10

Jazz 3 Age 11-12

Jazz 4 Age 13+

Jazz 5 Age 16+


Students are taught how to express themselves through movement using a combination of ballet and jazz. Let the music move you.

Dress Code:
Bodysuit, leggings, tights, yoga pants, tank top, bare feet or foot undeez (nude foot undeez preferred for the show).

Lyrical 1 Age 7-8

Lyrical 2 Age 9-10

Lyrical 3 Age 11-12

Lyrical 4 Age 13+

Lyrical 5 Age 16+


Must have had previous ballet training. It is MANDATORY to take one ballet class along with pointe. Need to follow dress code in order for the teacher to see body alignment (bodysuit, tights, hair up ).

Requires strong ankles, good technique, aware of body alignment, able to hold turn out and good balance.

Dress Code:
Pink, Black or White Bodysuit, Proper Pointe Shoes, Pink, White or Beige Ballet Tights and skirt (optional). Hair MUST be pulled back into a bun.

All guidelines MUST be followed. No exceptions will be made.

Class is 60 mins (15 minute shoe prep and foot warm up)

Pointe 1 Age 12-15

Pointe 2 Age 16+

Tiny Tot's

This fun filled class revolving around music and movement is a fantastic way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of dance.

Dress Code:
Pink Ballet Slippers, Body Suit and Tights (fun tutu or skirt optional). Hair must be pulled back in a bun or off the face.

Tiny Tots 1 Age 3

Tiny Tots 2 Age 4

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