Fun! Energetic! Exciting! This class will make you want to dance all the way home yet wanting to come back to learn more. A class where students are taught moves and styles of popular choreography and music.

Dress Code:
Black jazz shoes, slippers or sneakers. Bodysuit, tank top, leggings, jazz or yoga pants. Hair Must be Off the Face.

Beg Jazz Age 5-6

Jazz 1 Age 7-8

Jazz 2 Age 9-10

Jazz 3 Age 11-12

Jazz 4 Age 13+

Jazz 5 Age 16+


This class is designed an intro to basic tap. It will be based on simple rhythms, fun music, movement and rhythm.

Dress Code:
Black tap shoes (any style you prefer). Bodysuit, tank top, leggings, jazz or yoga pants. Hair Must be Off the Face.

Tap 1 Age 7-8

Tap 2 Age 9-11

Tap 3 Age 12-14

Tap 4 Age 15+


Students are taught how to express themselves through movement using a combination of ballet and jazz. Let the music move you.

Dress Code:
Bodysuit, leggings, tights, yoga pants, tank top, bare feet or foot undeez (nude foot undeez preferred for the show).

Lyrical 2 Age 9-11

Lyrical 3 Age 12-14

Lyrical 4 Age 15+


A combination of dance and aerobics. Learn different styes of dance such as salsa, cumbia, merenge to name just a few all while getting an amazing workout, one you don't even know you are getting.

Leave the class energized, sweating and wanting more!

Zumba Kids Age 7-12

Zumba Age 13+

Tiny Tot's

This fun filled class revolving around music and movement is a fantastic way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of dance.

Dress Code:
Pink Ballet Slippers, Body Suit and Tights (fun tutu or skirt optional). Hair must be pulled back in a bun or off the face.

Tiny Tots 1 Age 3

Tiny Tots 2 Age 4

Adult Jazz, Tap & Lyrical

A fabulous , fun and social class. Come out and learn great styles of dance while meeting new people.

Broadway Jazz Age 10+

A Super fun class for everyone! Students learn basic theatrical dance from hit broadway musicals )

Voice Lessons Age 5+

Private 1/2 hour lessons, learning proper techniques while performing songs from the styles of music theatre, pop, and country.

Musical Theartre - Group

Learn how to sing and apply choreography to well known songs in a group setting!

Group 1 Age 5-7

Group 2 Age 8+

Combo Jazz/Ballet Age 5-7

Come for one week and learn Jazz and then the next week you will learn ballet! A chance to find out what style they really love!

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